2012 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion International Conference, Toulouse, France

Dr. Cheryl Jordan presented a paper she co-authored with Dr. Karen Geiger of the McColl School of Business entitled “Inclusive Leadership in a Societal Context of Racism” at the 2012 Equality Diversity and Inclusion Conference held at the Toulouse Business School in France in July.  The paper was identified as “Best Paper” of its stream and is also being considered for the Best Paper of the conference.

TWIST Conference for Women in Leadership

Cheryl Jordan, Ph.D. presented at the 2012 Twist Conference for Women in Leadership in February.  The conference was designed to provide a space for transparent conversation that highlights women’s strengths to positively explore the future for women in leadership; and to encourage community among women who are leading change.  Click on the link for more information: http://workforcetwist.com/category/speakers/

Black Women’s “Life, Balance, and Wellness” Conference

Cheryl Jordan, Ph.D. discussed her research, which entailed interviewing Black women in corporate America who had higher positions and how they resisted gender racism in the workforce. A few of the ways were:

  • Confronting for others on issues related to gender racism
  • Performing
  • Promoting and creating identity
  • Using positional power
  • Self-Advocating
  • Spiritualizing

She joined a panel of other presenters ……..shared their research on women’s careers. Click on link for more information: http://lifebalanceconference.com/?p=934

A Vision of Positive Change for Women Globally

 Research. My research explores contemporary resistance strategies that Black women executives in the corporate world use to oppose negative behaviors by others associated with their race and gender.

Vision for My Research.  I believe that the world needs a dose of forgiveness and unconditional love and a dash of understanding the magic of diversity in life.  We all hear, see, and experience life differently. As such, I believe that judging, bullying and marginalizing others who may look and speak differently and who may have different beliefs but who at the same time demonstrate behaviors of love and caring, can destroy universal order, peace and alignment with God’s purpose for humanity. My hope is that my research serves as a catalyst for women across the world, especially women of color, to discuss their personal experiences with marginalization and oppression and to recognize the power they have to create a reality of goodness, peace, positive change and wholeness for themselves,  their communities and for others around the globe.

Research Link.  http://etd.ohiolink.edu/view.cgi?acc_num=antioch1312461227